[Mono-list] XSP/Apache and VS.NET 2003

Ochronus ochronus at all.hu
Sun Oct 23 07:44:24 EDT 2005

Thank you for your reply,

I see now.. so there are some MS-specific extensions missing. So eventually if I want to use the visual web designer, I have to stick with IIS+FP extensions as the development platform, then deploy to a mono server... aren't there any visual designer tools for asp.net/mono?

Thanks again,

> I don't know if it is ultimately possible to use XSP or Apache/Mono as
> the host for ASP.NET development.  But in the short-term what you are
> missing are the "Frontpage server extensions".  You will see these
> options in IIS and is you disable/uninstall them you remove the ability
> to use the ASP.NET design features from IIS too.  VS.NET uses these
> extensions to manage files and folders on the server and to, for
> example, create the virtual directory for the project.

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