[Mono-list] XSP/Apache and VS.NET 2003

Ochronus ochronus at all.hu
Sun Oct 23 06:08:41 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I'm just starting to get acquainted with the ASP.NET technology, and would like to do so using mono. However, it would be highly convenient to use the visual designer in VS.NET for this, but I can't seem to succeed in hosting the projects in XSP or apache/mod_mono (yes, both are working with the examples, both are set-up).

When I try to create a web project in VS.NET, it asks for the URL, I enter http://localhost for example, (XSP is set to port 80), or my company's mod_mono url, then it thinks for a while, and says it's unable to create the project there.

Any advices? What am I doing wrong? Is it possible at all?

Thank you in advance,

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