[Mono-list] About *develop

Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes alexmipego at gmail.com
Fri May 27 08:46:24 EDT 2005

MD, is a fork of SD 0.9 or something, but its idependent of SD. As
that, no, there is no sharing, and nothing included in SD2 will be
included in MD by magic.

MD is tuned to run on mono, it doesn't run on windows - as that it
can't use ms.net - and in fact it doesn't even support gmcs (mono with
generics/.net 2.0 features).

Nant has been discussed, and re-discussed, I believe there are some
alpha addin to MD to support it, but I'm not sure.

MD structure is quite similar to SD due to the fact of being a fork,
yet many things are different now. While it should be easy to start
hacking on MD, you'll find some differences.

Next time, post to Monodevelop mailing-list, also, check
www.monodevelop.org for other info.
Alexandre Gomes, Portugal

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