[Mono-list] About *develop

KCorax kcorax at hotpop.com
Fri May 27 07:24:58 EDT 2005

I have been investigating the offerings of IDEs for both Sharpdevelop 
[SD] and Monodevelop [MD] but I really cant understand some things, so I 
will summarize and let you fill the gaps:
MD is a gtk fork of SD, does that mean that when Corsavy (SD2) is 
shipped MD will offer the same functionality ?
MD is tuned to run for mono or ms implementation of cli ? Can this be 
changed ? Its important because my UIs are in Windows.Forms
SD is currently v1.1, MD is v0.X . Does that mean than the forking is 
not complete ?
Is MD stuffed with the integrated nant [build tool] and code completion 
plugins SD has ?
Is there code exchange between the two projects ? I have been studying 
SD's architecture. Can I expect to find MD identical ?

and most importantly:
If you seriously consider flaming me, can you tell me where to post 
these questions first ?

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