[Mono-list] MonoDevelop 0.7

peter apvx95 at dsl.pipex.com
Sun May 22 16:15:42 EDT 2005

Carl Olsen wrote:

>I'm just going to live with the fact that monodevelop isn't going to run on
>My SuSE 9.2 Pro now that I've upgraded to Mono 1.1.7.  Everything else seems
>to be working, so I'll consider myself fortunate that this is the only thing
>I've lost.  Whoever posted the instructions for upgrading to Mono 1.1.7 made
>it sound as simple as running a couple red carpet commands from the command
>line.  It's not as easy as it was made to sound.
>I'm trying to develop an application using Npgsql and ASP.NET on
>Apache/Linux, and I don't have time to figure out why monodevelop isn't
>working right now.  I'm having enough trouble figuring out how to set up
>Npgsql using three different classes for the database communications, the
>connections strings, and the business logic, so that everything is
>abstracted and my connection strings don't show up every time there is an
>error on one of my ASP.NET pages.
>Carl Olsen
I can see your problem, Carl.  It's tempting, isn't it, to say that it 
shouldn't be this way, but I think Adam made a good point about the 
maturity of monodevelop.  Perhaps we shouldn't expect too much too 
soon.  But I do hope that Novell (who I don't think are directly 
responsible for monodevelop, by the way) are listening and put some 
serious work into helping the monodevelop team get things sorted out.  
Maybe they already are.

As to your other problem, I use separate data access objects (remote 
objects as it happens) that are called from the presentation layer.  The 
developer can therefore ensure that something sensible is returned from 
the call and decide what to do about it - like putting up an error page, 
or whatever.  It's not too hard, so if you're interested in knowing more 
please feel free to contact me off-list and I'll give you what help I can.



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