[Mono-list] DrawingArea, DrawPixbuf, is slow?

Phillip Neumann bob at sofsis.cl
Sun May 22 16:09:27 EDT 2005

El dom, 22-05-2005 a las 01:24 -0600, Peter Dennis Bartok escribió:
> Not sure I fully understood what you mean, but it sounds like you're making 
> the pixel buffer bigger when the user zooms,

yup i think its doing that.

>  and you're drawing everything 
> scaled up? Why not just use a transformation that scales the surface? That 
> way you keep the surface the same size, System.Drawing just draws it 
> 'bigger'.

im using that!... 

z.DrawPixbuf(new Gdk.GC (z), pix.ScaleSimple( (int) Zoomvalue*pix.Width,
(int) Zoomvalue*pix.Height, InterpType.Nearest),
                          0, 0, 0,0, -1,
			 -1,Gdk.RgbDither.Normal,  0,  0);

is that what you ment?


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