[Mono-list] Building Tao

Ok Lab lab at orangekids.org
Sun May 15 23:33:53 EDT 2005

Thank you!!  The build process runs but now but fails when it hits
OpenGL.  I've attached 
the end of the errors to the end of this email in case its helpful to

What I'm hoping to accomplish is to see if C#/.NET is a viable platform
to develop cross platform 
games on that can be rolled out on Windows, Linux and maybe even OSX.
Am I barking up
the wrong tree?  Is Mono/Tao nowhere near where I need it to be?  Am I
still stuck with C++?

               [csc] /home/ok/tao/Framework/Projects/Tao.OpenGl/Glu.cs(46917) error CS3006: Overloaded method 'Tao.OpenGl.Glu.gluTessVertex(Tao.OpenGl.Glu+GLUtesselator, double[], int[])' differing only in ref or out, or in array rank, is not CLS-compliant
                  [csc] /home/ok/tao/Framework/Projects/Tao.OpenGl/Glu.cs(47205) error CS3006: Overloaded method 'Tao.OpenGl.Glu.gluTessVertex(Tao.OpenGl.Glu+GLUtesselator, double[], float[])' differing only in ref or out, or in array rank, is not CLS-compliant
                  [csc] Compilation failed: 53 error(s), 28 warnings

            BUILD FAILED

            External Program Failed: /usr/lib/mono/1.0/mcs.exe (return code was 1)

            Total time: 1.8 seconds.


Nested build failed.  Refer to build log for exact reason.

Total time: 3.1 seconds.

On Sun, 2005-05-15 at 22:00 -0500, Manuel Alejandro Ceron Estrada wrote:

> Hola,
> You can use this:
> mono Other/NAnt/NAnt.exe set-platform-linux 
> set-mono-1.0-runtime-configuration build.framework.all
> Yes, you're right, there is no documentation at all. And it is very 
> dificult to build from SVN. The code, examples, and .build files are 
> very Windows/MS.NET oriented, so if you want to compile it with Mono and 
>   Linux, some parts will not work, for example SDL, GLFW and CG.
> Manuel.
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