[Mono-list] Building Tao

Manuel Alejandro Ceron Estrada ceronman at gmail.com
Sun May 15 23:00:37 EDT 2005


You can use this:

mono Other/NAnt/NAnt.exe set-platform-linux 
set-mono-1.0-runtime-configuration build.framework.all

Yes, you're right, there is no documentation at all. And it is very 
dificult to build from SVN. The code, examples, and .build files are 
very Windows/MS.NET oriented, so if you want to compile it with Mono and 
  Linux, some parts will not work, for example SDL, GLFW and CG.


Ok Lab wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm very new to Mono and C# so I apologies if this question seems dumb.
> I'm trying to determine if Mono/.NET is a good tool for doing cross 
> platform OpenGL applications.  I've downloaded the Tao Framework but can 
> not figure out how to compile it or it's examples.  There's no build 
> help with the tar ball.  I've gotten as far as figuring out that NAnt is 
> the tool I need to use but nothing I've tried has worked.  Given the 
> total lack of documentation I'm assuming this process must be pretty 
> common since I'm expected to know it.  Running NAnt gives me the following
> --------------------------------------
> ok at geode tao $* mono Other/NAnt/NAnt.exe*
> Compat mode: the request from /home/ok/tao/Other/NAnt/log4net.dll to 
> load System was remapped (http://www.go-mono.com/remap.html)
> Compat mode: the request from /home/ok/tao/Other/NAnt/log4net.dll to 
> load System.Data was remapped (http://www.go-mono.com/remap.html)
> Compat mode: the request from /home/ok/tao/Other/NAnt/log4net.dll to 
> load System.Web was remapped (http://www.go-mono.com/remap.html)
> NAnt 0.85 (Build 0.85.1791.0; nightly; 11/26/2004)
> Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Gerry Shaw
> http://nant.sourceforge.net
> Buildfile: file:///home/ok/tao/Tao.build
>    [tstamp] Sunday, 15 May 2005 18:27:02.
>    [tstamp] timestamp.date = 2005.05.15.
>    [tstamp] timestamp.hour = 18.
> set-global-directories:
> Total time: 0.2 seconds.
> -------------------------------------------
> At which point nothing got compiled at all.  Can anyone give me any advice?
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