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Paulo Aboim Pinto esqueleto@tusofona.com
Thu, 12 May 2005 02:49:06 +0100


I've take a look at Indigo and I'm interested to help, but I have some

* What I remember with this name was a Innocent IM some years ago. Can
you make a summary for what kind of implementation can we make with

* What is new in Indigo beside a usually WebService Server?

Maybe I did not understand what Indigo is and that is my fault.

Paulo Aboim Pinto
Odivelas - Portugal 

On Wed, 2005-05-11 at 12:41 +0200, Rodrigo Mazzilli wrote:
> hi all,
> I started this week my blog on Mono and Indigo and how we can port
> Indigo to Mono. I had early discussions with Luis Sanchez and Miguel
> on Indigo and we saw need to:
> 1. Investigate Indigo deeper
> 2. Identify common synergies
> 3. Identify missing pieces of the puzzle
> At this phase I will post my insights on my blog[1]. There is at this
> point no project or roadmap on porting Indigo.
> In a later phase, I believe we should together with Miguel and co.
> establish a roadmap, a project and owners.
> Comments, help always wanted!
> Rodrigo
> [1] http://monoindigo.blogspot.com/
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