[Mono-list] MonoIndigo

Rodrigo Mazzilli Rodrigo Mazzilli <rodrigo.mazzilli@gmail.com>
Wed, 11 May 2005 12:41:39 +0200

hi all,

I started this week my blog on Mono and Indigo and how we can port
Indigo to Mono. I had early discussions with Luis Sanchez and Miguel
on Indigo and we saw need to:

1. Investigate Indigo deeper
2. Identify common synergies
3. Identify missing pieces of the puzzle

At this phase I will post my insights on my blog[1]. There is at this
point no project or roadmap on porting Indigo.
In a later phase, I believe we should together with Miguel and co.
establish a roadmap, a project and owners.

Comments, help always wanted!

[1] http://monoindigo.blogspot.com/