[Mono-list] Can't build releases 1.1.5-1.1.7

Kirill kirillkh@gmail.com
Mon, 09 May 2005 01:43:16 +0300

Thanks to all who responded.

>On Sun, 2005-05-08 at 16:36 +0300, Kirill K. wrote:
>>I hope I'm writing to the correct list. Otherwise, please direct me to
>>the right one.
>>I have been trying to build mono releases 1.1.5, 1.1.6 and 1.1.7, but
>>the build failed every time with the same errors. I haven't tried to
>>compile any other versions than 1.1.5-1.1.7. Does anyone have any idea,
>>how can this be resolved? I need this because I want to try MonoDevelop
>>0.6. The OS is FC3.
>Are you building from tarballs? This should not be happening in that
Yes, I was building from tarballs. I also tried svn trunk build, which
didn't work with the same errors. And yes, I had mono-1.0.6 installed
and was using prefix=/usr/local.

>We do have rpms for fc3 though, so you can always use those.
Thanks, these do work.

I've finally managed to install MD after ~12 hours of work. It would
have taken me as little as 2 to 3 hours, if Mono and MD distribution
process was a bit more organized. I feel that the way you manage
documentation and releases needs urgent and full revision.

There are too many places where docs are not simply incorrect, but
misleading. It's hard to get specific versions of some of the packages.
I haven't found a centralized, up-to-date place, where binary packages
could be downloaded (the Novell's ftp server is outdated). The docs are
split in many pieces, contain too much useless and lack some important
information. The site has 3 split download areas for unstable tarball
releases, which don't even link to each other. And, sure enough, they
don't link to the precompiled packages. The main download site says the
1.1.7 is unstable and 1.0.6 is stable, but in the per-distro download
sections it offers the "unstable" 1.1.7, without mentioning it on the
main page. That's why I didn't find the packages and spent so much time.
Ah yes, and the current version of gecko-sharp, linked from MonoDevelop
site (I think), is broken, its previous version doesn't work with MD,
while in the source control it is found under a different name
(gtkmozembed-sharp). Not to mention that the repository version is also
broken (as of today), but this one was easy to fix.

This was the worst installation experience I had in years. Not to
mention that, in the end, MonoDevelop 0.6 is still unusable. I think
this is the time to freeze feature development and direct all the effort
towards quality in code, documentation and repository.

Sorry to say all that, but it's my honest opinion.