[Mono-list] mono compatibility question

Csibra Gergo Csibra Gergo <gergo@csibra.hu>
Fri, 18 Mar 2005 23:06:09 +0100


I'm Gergo Csibra from hungary, I'm new to mono and even .NET. I
programming in visual basic, and using ms access 'database' :)
Because the vb6 is quite old, and the access is a little weak, I plan
to change my programming to some .net platform.
I'm open to use C# and vb.net with databases like postgresql or
firebird, but I have a question, what keep me back to change.

Can I make multi platform programs with mono? Or can I compile for
Linux, Windows maybe Solaris the same sourcecode? Yes, little programs
like "Hello world!" can, but I have some _BIG_ projects with many frames,
eg. 1MB visual basic source code (I'm ready to convert/rewrite to C#,
but only when I can make platform independent programs).

Thanks for your answers,

ps.: I'm apologize my weak english :)

Best regards,
 Csibra Gergo                          mailto:gergo@csibra.hu