[Mono-list] Problem with Oracle and Mono Charset...

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Tue, 01 Mar 2005 22:32:25 -0500

IntPtr is fine since the OCI types are opaque.  Try looking at 
OciCalls.cs and OciGlue.cs for examples.
CreateConnection shows how a connection to Oracle currently happens.

ub4 is an unisigned four-byte integer which might work with uint.
sb4 is a signed four-byte integer which might work with int.
(text *) can be passed via a byte array. 

Many times when passing a string to Oracle, you might need to convert it 
via the following code:

string stringToPassToOracle = "Hello";
int  rsize = 0;
// Get size of buffer
OciCalls.OCIUnicodeToCharSet (statement.Parent, null, sDate, out rsize);
// Fill buffer
byte[] bytes = new byte[rsize];
OciCalls.OCIUnicodeToCharSet (statement.Parent, bytes, sDate, out rsize);

sword OCIConnectionPoolCreate ( OCIEnv         *envhp,
                                OCIError       *errhp,
                                OCICPool       *poolhp,
                                OraText        **poolName,
                                sb4            *poolNameLen,
                                CONST OraText  *dblink,
                                sb4            dblinkLen,
                                ub4            connMin,
                                ub4            connMax,
                                ub4            connIncr,
                                CONST OraText  *poolUsername,
                                sb4            poolUserLen,
                                CONST OraText  *poolPassword,
                                sb4            poolPassLen,
                                ub4            mode );

Hubert FONGARNAND wrote:

>I'm interested in implement connection pooling on oracle...
>I just need some info about creating dllimport functions....
>The C function is :
>	OCIOCIConnectionPoolCreate((OCIEnv *)envhp,
>                   (OCIError *)errhp, (OCICPool *)poolhp,
>                   &poolName, &poolNameLen,
>                   (text *)database,strlen(database),
>                   (ub4) conMin, (ub4) conMax, (ub4) conIncr,
>                   (text *)pooluser,strlen(pooluser),
>                   (text *)poolpasswd,strlen(poolpasswd),
>                   OCI_DEFAULT));
>i've began :
>			//fongarnand
>			[DllImport ("oci")]
>			internal static extern int OCIConnectionPoolCreate(IntPtr envhp,
>				IntPtr errhp, IntPtr poolhp, ...
>But i don't know wich datatype to use...			
>Le Lundi 28 Février 2005 13:55, Daniel Morgan a écrit :
>>Sure, you can implement.  We accept patches.
>>You could look at System.Data.SqlClient on how it does connection pooling.
>>Another way is to use some OCI functions for connection pooling.  So,
>>you might have to create DllImport functions for these OCI functions.
>>Oracle 9i Call Interface Programmer's Guide
>>Hubert FONGARNAND wrote:
>>>Thank you for your fix... It works now without any problems...
>>>Just a question, do you plan to implement connection pooling on oracle
>>>client classes. I've seen that dealing with oracle database works well
>>>with mono (now) but it's much more slower than MS.NET when you open and
>>>close many connections... Is there a way to speed up this process.
>>>I'm ready to help you implementing this, if you need...
>>>Le Samedi 26 Février 2005 05:38, vous avez écrit :
>>>>I recently committed a fix to svn trunk HEAD for strings in
>>>>OracleParameter to use OCIUnicodeToCharSet for Oracle data types dates,
>>>>CLOBs, VARCHAR2/CHAR, etc...
>>>>Can you try your tests again to see if they work now?  I do not know
>>>>French to test the changes.  :-)
>>>>Hubert FONGARNAND wrote:
>>>>>Thanks to Daniel Morgan
>>>>>DataTime and OracleDateTime works now perfectly. There's still a problem
>>>>>with charset.When my NLS_LANG variable isn't set (on my mono client),
>>>>>french "éè" are seen as "??" in the database (MS.NET client see "??").
>>>>>The only way to display the "éè" correctly is to set my NLS_LANG to :
>>>>>NLS_LANG="FRENCH_FRANCE.UTF8" (but normally, the client should adapt
>>>>>itself to the server settings)
>>>>>but there's still a problem with string length. eg: when I do an
>>>>>"INSERT" with a string with some "éè" the string is "cut" by oracle, so
>>>>>I can not see the entire string in the database...
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