[Mono-list] IDEs, Visual Studio and Mono

Francisco T. Martinez martinf at mfconsulting.com
Wed Jun 29 10:38:26 EDT 2005

Gavin Hamill wrote:

>Hullo :)
>Having built up a mess of PHP code over five years, we're now looking at 
>making a clean break to something new and shiny. We're a PHP/Linux shop for 
>all server activity so would like to use Mono+Apache.
>The problem I'm having is finding definitive info on IDEs given that we'll be 
>using the Web forms functionality exclusively.
>Management would like us to use Visual Studio. VS confuses me greatly. The 
>'Standard'  C# edition is about £90 whilst the Developer edition is £1500. 
>I guess I'm just looking for some sage advice on how a 5-developer operation 
>with source control might work re: a Mono backend.. are there any things I 
>need to bear in mind e.g. with a dev working on code and ASP.NET execution on 
>localhost, and then submitting to CVS / SVN ? If it works on their local 
>machine, should it work with Mono?
>What about database connections (we're using MySQL of course..) - is the C# 
>code likely to be identical whether run on MS's .NET SDK or Mono?
>Does VS even let you use CVS / SVN as opposed to Visual SourceSafe?
>Sorry if this is mostly off-topic - am just looking for a little reassurance 
>since this is all very new to me.
Hi Gavin:

In my opinion you can get a lot of millage using Visual C# 2003 edition 
when coupled with the Win32 versions of Mono and its related 
technologies.  In fact I have made a point of making Windows accessible 
and friendly to Windows developers but that plan to eventually or 
concurrently deploy their creations to other Mono supported platforms.

Here in Texas, a few of the Mono hackers did a presentation for what was 
then the Plano .NET User Group.  The main focus was to highlight the 
ease of development when using Visual Studio/C# in Windows to test with 
Mono and deploy to Linux and Mac OS X.

Some notes that I put together then can be found in the blog entries of 
that time frame:


Hope this helps :)


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