[Mono-list] IDEs, Visual Studio and Mono

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 29 10:31:35 EDT 2005

Hi Gavin,

I develop my project (http://www.mojoportal.com) on
Windows with VS.NET 2003 Professional using svn and
deploy and test on linux/mono

> The problem I'm having is finding definitive info on
> IDEs given that we'll be 
> using the Web forms functionality exclusively.
> Management would like us to use Visual Studio. VS
> confuses me greatly. The 
> 'Standard'  C# edition is about £90 whilst the
> Developer edition is £1500. 

I've never tried the C# edition but that may be
sufficient as long as it supports web development, but
I can say for sure the Professional Edition has
everything you need and some things you probably don't

Eventually we'll have MonoDevelop to consider but its
probably a ways off for web development to be

> I guess I'm just looking for some sage advice on how
> a 5-developer operation 
> with source control might work re: a Mono backend..
> are there any things I 
> need to bear in mind e.g. with a dev working on code
> and ASP.NET execution on 
> localhost, and then submitting to CVS / SVN ? If it
> works on their local 
> machine, should it work with Mono?

Yes it should as long as you use the Rebuild command
to compile instead of just Build. In VS.NET, Build
does an incremental build of just things that changed.
Mono doesn't like incremental build. Also need to be
aware of differences between running on IIS
development machine vs linux/apache/mono.
For example urls being case sensitive on apache but
not on Windows.
If building a file system path using string concat you
don't want to do 
fragment + "\" + anotherPathFragment
Instead use 
fragment + Path.SeparatorCharacter + anotherFragement

which gets it right no matter which platform

Other than that it generally works, though you may
occasionally encounter a bug in mono.

> What about database connections (we're using MySQL
> of course..) - is the C# 
> code likely to be identical whether run on MS's .NET
> SDK or Mono?

Yes, you can use either the older ByteFX driver
included with mono or the newer .NET Connecetor for

My app supports MySQL and PostgreSQL and both work
whether the web app is on windos or linux.

> Does VS even let you use CVS / SVN as opposed to
> Visual SourceSafe?

You can use TortoiseSVN and just manage souurce
control in the file system (it integrates with Windows
Explorer) or if you really need it integrated in
VS.NET there is AnkSVN plugin

I'm sure there are also cvs tools but I use svn and
love it.

Good Luck, I'll be glad to help with any other
questions you may have.

Joe Audette

joe_audette [at] yahoo dotcom

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