[Mono-list] Monodevelop

Carl Olsen carl at carl-olsen.com
Thu Jun 9 23:40:31 EDT 2005

I upgraded from SUSE 9.2 Pro to SUSE 9.3 Pro this evening, and now I have
monodevelop (version 0.7) working again.  I thought the upgrade went
smoothly.  I removed PHP4 and installed PHP5 and pgadmin is still running,
so I can continue using it to work with PostgreSQL.  I saw a message
somewhere that I'm still using a version 7 database and that I need to
remove it and recreate it to upgrade it to version 8.  That doesn't sound
too bad, since I can make an SQL dump.  Apache is still working just fine
with mod_mono, so I didn't have more than 15 minutes of down time.  I have
to say that Novell/SUSE makes the upgrade as simple as possible.


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