[Mono-list] Accessing Mono SVN via http

Michal Moskal michal.moskal at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 15:57:48 EDT 2005

On 6/9/05, Peter Dennis Bartok <peter at novonyx.com> wrote:
> Aleksandar,
> I just successfully checked out:
Aleksandar wrote:
> svn: REPORT request failed on '/monodevelop/!svn/vcc/default'
> svn: REPORT of '/monodevelop/!svn/vcc/default': 400 Bad Request (
> http://svn.myrealbox.com)

This messages comes from the proxy, not from svn.myrealbox. So it
won't work until Aleksandar's proxy is configured correctly.

   Michal Moskal,

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