[Mono-list] Summer code: Managed Direct3D

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 1 16:59:56 EDT 2005

> From: Sijmen Mulder
> There's the Wine version, which seems like a good option. I'll delve
> into thise matter and see what's the best way to implement it. A
> problem with using an  reïmplementation of DirectX is that DirectX is
> C++, which can make Interop difficult - opposed to OpenGL.

Microsoft's managed DirectX interfaces are good interfaces as they are
integrating into the Class Library but are entirely written in managed
extensions for C++ full of unmanaged code in the assemblies so they are
using interop as well.

Using managed code is good, and it can be even faster than unmanaged code if
it's executed against a good runtime but you have to communicate with the
hardware directly to get the best results. And of course DirectX (and is't
clones) implements a lot of things that can be used. For example Direct3D
exposes almost all of it's functionality through COM interfaces and Mono has
no COM interface marshaling support yet. Altough I have worked around this
limitation in System.Drawing.ComIStreamMarshaler.cs this limitation makes
the things more difficult.

>Is this an acceptable project?

By the way I am not in a position to tell whether this project is acceptable
or not.

You should contact Miguel and look at the page

Good luck if you decide to do this work.


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