[Mono-list] Summer code: Managed Direct3D

Sijmen Mulder sjmulder at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 16:05:23 EDT 2005


> Mono is primary for Linux. As I know it is used on Windows only by
> developers to ensure chross-runtime compatibility and exists on Windows to
> test the portability of the runtime.

I know, my proposal is (I forgot to mention) primarily aimed at Linux.

> I you want to implemet something that is not based on DirectX it will result
> in worse performance than a layer that is hardware based like DirectX.

That is true, but it's better to have a somewhat slower implementation
than no one at all :-).

> There are some hardware based (I think proprietary, but there may be open
> source as well) DirectX API implementations for Linux that can be used as
> the base of your work to provide better performance.

There's the Wine version, which seems like a good option. I'll delve
into thise matter and see what's the best way to implement it. A
problem with using an  reïmplementation of DirectX is that DirectX is
C++, which can make Interop difficult - opposed to OpenGL.

> If there is a need for DirectX compatible managed interface on Linux this
> work can be useful.

Thanks, so do I.

> Kornél

Sijmen Mulder

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