[Mono-list] mono on FC4 - let's get it working!

Alex Roman allex2k3 at yahoo.ca
Sun Jul 24 17:55:26 EDT 2005


Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>>1.2 libgdiplus
>>$ svn co svn://mono.myrealbox.com/source/trunk/libgdiplus
>>$ cd libgdiplus
> Libgdiplus is currently using the 0.4 API of Cairo, so it will not work
> with Cairo 0.5 you must use the Cairo bundled with libgdiplus to have it
> work.
> There is some ongoing work towards upgrading, but right now you will be
> better off just using the module as-is

With the cairo and libpixman that came with libgdiplus form svn, the glitz front-end would fail to compile (missing arguments to functions). I assume that this is due to a newer version of glitz which has different function arguments.

I guess I could just not use glitz, though the glitz project looks promissing.

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