[Mono-list] Re: Corrct trimming of email

Helge Lenuweit helge at lenuweit.net
Sun Jul 24 12:22:16 EDT 2005

Chris Aitken wrote:

>Whilst most of these replies are on list, I am getting my personal inbox
>filled with emails regarding an issue that I have never had.
Having experienced this myself (as the sender, I admit it...), I believe 
this to be an issue for most non-frequent posters on this list. As a 
general thought, wouldn't it be better to set the list itself as the 
reply address? As this place is getting more and more public/known while 
remaining the central information source for mono (or isn't it?), 
changing the reply behaviour could help part-time monoers while not 
hurting anybody else.

Regards, Helge

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