Corrct trimming of email (Was: Re: [Mono-list] Mapping acrossapplication not allowed?)

Chris Aitken chris at
Sun Jul 24 09:15:23 EDT 2005

> > From: Chris Aitken
> > get an error saying "Mapping across application not allowed." I have 
> > only one MonoApplication set up.
> As I understand you are trying to map a path inside the application 
> boundary of the executing application. But you get cross-application 
> mapping error.
> If the problem is this then this is a bug and you should file a 
> bugreport at

Can I appeal to the better natured posters/trimmers here.

Someone has trimmed one of my replies to Carl Olsen regarding his
cross-application issue. By not trimming carefully, I am now getting
replies, as it appears as though the issue is mine.

Whilst most of these replies are on list, I am getting my personal inbox
filled with emails regarding an issue that I have never had.

This is not a rant against Kornel - he was just replying to what looked like
my problem - with some bug reporting advice.

Can we pay a little more attention to threads, and identify who has the
issue, and who is helping them.

This isn't meant to be a rant - just some friendly advice to ensure those
that have the issue receive the help ;)


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