[Mono-list] Mapping across application not allowed?

Carl Olsen carl at carl-olsen.com
Sat Jul 23 12:30:07 EDT 2005

Hi Chris,

That's exactly the same thing I'm doing.  I have a "SiteFooter.ascx" file in
a folder "/Controls/" which I call from files in my root folder "/" and
files in my "/Modules/Legislators/" folder.  However, when I place another
file called "LegisMenu.aspx" in my "/Controls" folder and call it from a
page in the "/Modules/Legislators" folder without calling it from a page in
my root folder "/" it will not run correctly using Mono.  If I put the
control in my "/Modules/Legislators" folder, it works just fine.

Calling the control from a file in the root folder apparently sets some kind
of mapping in Mono that is required to use the control in any of the
subfolders.  I don't have a problem with this, but it is different than the
behavior with a Windows 2003 server using IIS 6.  With Windows, I can place
the control in any subfolder and call it from any other subfolder.  I'm just
trying to confirm that this is actually the case, and you example seems to
verify it.

It looks like "Mapping across application not allowed" means calling a
control from one subfolder in another subfolder without calling it from a
page in the root folder first.  Can anyone verify this behavior?

Thank you!


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Hi Carl,

> Well, I guess no one has an answer.

This may/may not help...
> I have made two significant discoveries.  If I put the new 
> user control in the same directory as the page I'm calling it 
> from, it works just fine. Also, if I put the user control in 
> any directory below the root directory and call it from a 
> page in the root directory, it works just fine.  My existing 
> user controls are called from pages in the root directory, as 
> well as all of the other pages in all of my subdirectories 
> (headers, footers, and menus for every page in the site).  It 
> appears that the only time it doesn't work is if the user 
> control is not included on a page in the root directory or it 
> is not in the same directory as the page that is trying to 
> include it. I have no way of knowing if this is a fact, but 
> it appears to be.  I don't have this problem with IIS, so I 
> assume it's a bug in Mono or something about mod_mono and Apache.

I have a user control (a footer, with a copyright statement [1]) in
***Note / is my webroot***

I have pages in "/" and also in "/working/" that happily call the footer,
using [2].


<div id="footer">
        <h6>Copyright &copy; HostMono 2005</h6>

<%@ Register TagPrefix="UserControl" TagName="Footer"
Src="/a/ssi/footer.ascx" %>

<UserControl:Footer id="myFooter" runat="Server" />

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