[Mono-list] Mapping across application not allowed?

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Sat Jul 23 06:23:50 EDT 2005

Hi Carl,

> Well, I guess no one has an answer.

This may/may not help...
> I have made two significant discoveries.  If I put the new 
> user control in the same directory as the page I'm calling it 
> from, it works just fine. Also, if I put the user control in 
> any directory below the root directory and call it from a 
> page in the root directory, it works just fine.  My existing 
> user controls are called from pages in the root directory, as 
> well as all of the other pages in all of my subdirectories 
> (headers, footers, and menus for every page in the site).  It 
> appears that the only time it doesn't work is if the user 
> control is not included on a page in the root directory or it 
> is not in the same directory as the page that is trying to 
> include it. I have no way of knowing if this is a fact, but 
> it appears to be.  I don't have this problem with IIS, so I 
> assume it's a bug in Mono or something about mod_mono and Apache.

I have a user control (a footer, with a copyright statement [1]) in
***Note / is my webroot***

I have pages in "/" and also in "/working/" that happily call the footer,
using [2].


<div id="footer">
        <h6>Copyright &copy; HostMono 2005</h6>

<%@ Register TagPrefix="UserControl" TagName="Footer"
Src="/a/ssi/footer.ascx" %>

<UserControl:Footer id="myFooter" runat="Server" />

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