[Mono-list] Building / Embedding Mono on Win32

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Jul 21 10:05:08 EDT 2005

On 07/11/05 Bruce Wilkie wrote:
> i'm finally left with 4 link errors:
> mono_local_regalloc ref in mono_arch_local_regalloc
> mono_magic_trampoline ref in
> mono_arch_create_trampoline_code
> mono_aot_trampoline ref in
> mono_arch_create_trampoline_code
> mono_class_init_trampoline ref in
> mono_arch_create_trampoline_code

You'll likely need to add to your compilation system
the files mini-codegen.c and mini-trampolines.c which were
recently added.

> also, the Embedded Samples, Libraries, and Tools
> projects all don't load in that solution - because
> they seem to have no project associated with them.

There's your opportunity to help and provide us
the changes so they do.

> Anyway, does someone have pointers here?  Ideally, I'd
> like a Win32 solution I can build that will give me
> Mono .lib files, which I can link against (static or
> .DLL, static is prolly better) to embed Mono into
> another native Win32 application.  i really, really
> don't want to use cygwin / gcc.  i'm not unix / linux
> savvy.

Needing a .lib file is a windows specific requirement, so
you're the people that should know how to create it.


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