[Mono-list] mono + asp.net + cyrillic chars

Slava Petrenko slava at z.org.ua
Tue Jul 12 05:18:20 EDT 2005

Hi All!

I tried to run my asp.net site on mono (with mod_apache and with xsp) 
but all cyrillic chars are displayed wrong.
Character set for pages is UTF-8 ( for .aspx and code behind .cs), all 
other stuff has UTF-8 settings too (apache, web.config).
No difference how I run the site - with apache (mod_apache) or with xsp 
(xsp --applications /:/path/to/my_site), results are the same.
Encoding switching within a brower doesn't help, so chars get distorted 
before they get to browser.

Any supposition?


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