[Mono-list] Problem with Windows .NET and Mono.Security

Ralph Mason ralph.mason@telogis.com
Thu, 24 Feb 2005 13:30:52 +1300

You don't 'register' a .net assembly (this is a com thing).   You can 
put it in the gac if you like.

The second one sounds like a modified assembly after it was signed.


>I downloaded the Novell LDAP libraries for C# which use Mono.Security, so I
>downloaded Mon and installed it.  First I tried to register Mono.Security.dll
>and I got this error: "Mono.Security.dll was loadedbut the DllRegisterServer
>entry point was not found.  The file cannot be registered."
>I went ahead and built and tried to run a piece of sample code from the LDAP
>library and I get this error:  "Error: Strong name validation failed for
>assembly 'Mono.Security'."
>I presume the two problems are related, but I have no idea what's going on.
>Anybody have a clue?
>Life can be interesting when a UNIX guy suddenly starts coding C# on Windows
>2003.  :-)