[Mono-list] compilation time/run time

Julien Sobrier julien@sobrier.net
Wed, 23 Feb 2005 20:24:43 -0800


I hope this is the right mailing-list for this type of question.

I try to understand was is statically compiled, and what is loaded at 
tun time.

I have 3 binary file: Program.exe, Plugin.dll, and Share.dll
Share.dll contains objects used by both Plugin.dll and Program.exe.
I compile these 2 program like this:
mcs Program.cs -r:Share.dll
mcs -t:library Plugin.cs -r:Share.dll

Do the 2 binary have an embedded version of Share.dll (compilation 
time), or do they load Share.dll at run time?

Then, if I modify Share.dll (add methods and properties, modify the 
implementation of the methods, etc.) without removing any public method 
or property, can I just replace Share.dll by the next version without 
compiling both programs again?

I try to see if I can update share objects without compiling program 
using these share objects.