[Mono-list] May you give me the MD5 checksum?

Victor Rivarola Victor Rafael Rivarola <vrrivaro@gmail.com>
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:30:27 -0300

Thank you, Daniel

On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 08:49:48 -0800, Daniel Lopez <daniel@rawbyte.com> wrote:

> I will look into reproducing the coredump.

I have additional info for you. I tried installing it on a second box
with more memory but a much smaller hard drive, and it didn't coredump
in the normal way. It is also installed with MDK 10.1 CE from the same
physical CDs indirectly, but with many things left out.  Would you be
interested in a sorted package listing of both boxes?

> Can you try running the installer in alternate modes
> and tell me if it stills coredumps?
> ./monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin --mode xwindow

With this one, the installer works. mcs works too, but monodevelop
doesn't, but I'll better leave that one out for its own post.

> ./monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin --mode text

It works with this one too.

> md5sum:
> d7c2bcd8fb898d7f1b20f6391475b3e5  monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin
> ls -al:
> 29847584 Feb 18 13:44 monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin

Thanks for your help,

Victor Rivarola