[Mono-list] May you give me the MD5 checksum?

Daniel Lopez daniel@rawbyte.com
Mon, 21 Feb 2005 08:49:48 -0800

Hi Victor,

I will look into reproducing the coredump.
Can you try running the installer in alternate modes
and tell me if it stills coredumps?

./monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin --mode xwindow
./monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin --mode text

d7c2bcd8fb898d7f1b20f6391475b3e5  monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin

ls -al:
29847584 Feb 18 13:44 monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin

On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 12:32:35PM -0300, Victor Rivarola wrote:
> Of monobundle-1.0.6-installer.bin?
> I have downloaded it painfully at a 32Kbps bandwidth limited cable
> connection, but it core dumps just after I accept the licence
> agreement (MDK 10.1CE fresh total install). I really don't want to do
> it again, specially if the problem is not a wrongly downloaded file.
> By the way, may you include it along with the link to the file like it
> is common in the Free Software world? It will also be interesting to
> have the size of the files before you download them.
> Thank you.
> Víctor
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