[Mono-list] Confused about ikvm and JScript

Pete Chown 1@234.cx
Sun, 20 Feb 2005 18:41:37 +0000

I'm a bit confused how I make use of these two features.

In Mono 1.0.4, there was an ikvm package, and a mono-ikvm package.  The 
mono-ikvm package contained some native libraries, and the ikvm package 
contained the rest of the Java system.  This included the actual ikvm 

In Mono 1.0.6 and 1.1.4, the mono-ikvm package is still there, but the 
ikvm package has gone.  I'm confused, where should I get the actual Java 
system from, or is there some reason why I don't need it now?

Turning to JScript...

As I understand it, on .NET you compile your JScript source with jsc, 
and that creates an executable or dll.  However, the JScript package for 
mono (mono-jscript-1.1.4-1.novell.9.1.i386.rpm) only contains two 
versions of Microsoft.JScript.dll.  I'm confused about how I actually 
compile my JavaScript source.  I can see that the dlls are probably 
important when I want to run my compiled code, but I can't figure out 
how to get to that point!

Thanks in advance if you can resolve either of these points of confusion.