[Mono-list] Hello, Mono!

tei 421621@ingta.unizar.es
Tue, 15 Feb 2005 18:35:51 +0100

Wellcome to Mono, Hernan.

You will find lots of already solved problems here:

Try "Google search of the archives"

If you search for "hernan", you found that:
  (hummm.. a spanish mono list? that looks like good :D )

A interesting view of the list is there:
  (wow!.. include a RSS links and stats!)

Yet another cool idea can be to search for netiquete.
Here is one for you:

http://www.netiqueta.org/  (spanish)

Good Luck!



Hernán Nicolás Taboada wrote:
> ___
> namespace HelloMono
> {
> /// <summary>
> /// This is intended to be a funny presentation to the Mono-list
> /// ... i know is probably not that... funny, heh... anyway :p
> /// </summary>
>    class Hi
>    {
>       static void Main (string[] args)
>       {
>       System.Console.WriteLine ("Hello, Mono!");
>       System.Console.ReadLine;
>       } // end main
>    } // end class
> } // end namespace
> ___
> Hello everybody! My name is Hernán and I'm totally new to both the
> Mono Project and the programming world. I'm starting to do my first
> steps reading books like "C# for the  absolute beginner" and so on,
> wich are very helpful for me because they explain the very basics of
> everything :D, really suitable for a totally rookie like me. In the