[Mono-list] Hello, Mono!

Hernán Nicolás Taboada Hernán Nicolás Taboada
Tue, 15 Feb 2005 14:15:39 -0300

namespace HelloMono
/// <summary>
/// This is intended to be a funny presentation to the Mono-list
/// ... i know is probably not that... funny, heh... anyway :p
/// </summary>
   class Hi
      static void Main (string[] args)
      System.Console.WriteLine ("Hello, Mono!");
      } // end main
   } // end class
} // end namespace

Hello everybody! My name is Hernán and I'm totally new to both the
Mono Project and the programming world. I'm starting to do my first
steps reading books like "C# for the  absolute beginner" and so on,
wich are very helpful for me because they explain the very basics of
everything :D, really suitable for a totally rookie like me. In the
other hand, I have a little of experience with Linux, I've installed a
couple of distros, but I'm far to be a "linux literate", or a "serious
enthusiast" yet. So well, I'm just trying to follow the exercises
proposed in those books, so, I've installed Mono vía the YOU facility
(it stands for YaST Online Update, and also YaST stands for Yet
another Setup Tool, aw, I'm starting to love acronyms!), then if I try
to run from a bash console:

miSuse:/usr/bin # mono

a lot of interesting compilation options appears but... I don't what
to do with them :(. Also I've installed the monodevelop IDE but I
can't figure out how to execute it. I'm using SUSE 9.1 on a laptop. To
end, sorry if my english skills aren't the best, my native language is
spanish but i try to do my best :) Well, hope to read from you soon!