[Mono-list] ASP.Net & Mono

Kevin White Kevin White <jedirunner@gmail.com>
Sat, 12 Feb 2005 09:25:20 -0700

Hi all,

I'm a web programmer (Lots of PHP, some mod_python, plenty of
jsp/servlets, even some cgi).  I've only done a little bit of ASP,
enough to learn only the most basic of syntax.

I'd like to get into ASP.Net with Mono and have a few questions:

1- Is mono's asp.net technology ready for a production server
environment?  i.e.: is it reliable at this stage?
2- Where can I learn ASP.Net without needing visual studio.net.  I
don't want to use a project-based environment to write the pages.  I
want to learn to write asp.net web apps from scratch.  Is there a good
book that doesn't require visual studio's wizards and other tools? 
Are there some links you find useful?

I'm sure I'll have more questions later. :)


Kevin White