[Mono-list] NAnt 0.85 Release Candidate 2 available

Gert Driesen gert.driesen@telenet.be
Sat, 12 Feb 2005 15:51:59 +0100

Announcing NAnt 0.85 Release Candidate 2. 
Binary and source distributions are available for immediate download from:  
About NAnt: NAnt is a free .NET build tool, allowing applications to be
built targeting both Microsoft .NET and Mono while supporting both win32 and
Release notes containing the changes since NAnt 0.85 Release Candidate 1, a
user manual and SDK documentation are available here: 
Discussion of NAnt occurs on the mailing list at
Bugs can be reported using the Bug Tracker at
Check the NAnt homepage for additional info at http://nant.sourceforge.net.