[Mono-list] C# editor

Matthijs ter Woord (meddochat) meddochat@zonnet.nl
Fri, 11 Feb 2005 19:17:43 +0100

Hi George and others,

> anyway, maybe one can port SynEdit (synedit.sf.net) from Delphi to
> Delphi.net so that then they can compile into IL using Delphi8 or
> and copy the resulting DLL to Mono to use (I don't suppose Delphi2005 is
> available as an IDE for Linux/Mono yet). Work will be needed to port GDI
> stuff to WinForms, although someone may have written a GDI-API-emulation
> layer for Winforms or GTK# or other windowing/drawing api by now that you
> could use to ease the porting. SynEdit does support autocompletion with
> third-party addons

Delphi 2005 doesn't produce valid IL and also links to win32 only code
(win32 api), so this isn't an option.