[Mono-list] C# editor

George Birbilis George Birbilis" <birbilis@kagi.com
Fri, 11 Feb 2005 17:48:09 +0200

>I can't believe that all novell developpers use only VIM  or emacs to 
>a such big project like mono... They certainly use an editor...
>I'm giving a try with eclipse

they may be using Visual Studio.net ;o)

anyway, maybe one can port SynEdit (synedit.sf.net) from Delphi to 
Delphi.net so that then they can compile into IL using Delphi8 or Delphi2005 
and copy the resulting DLL to Mono to use (I don't suppose Delphi2005 is 
available as an IDE for Linux/Mono yet). Work will be needed to port GDI 
stuff to WinForms, although someone may have written a GDI-API-emulation 
layer for Winforms or GTK# or other windowing/drawing api by now that you 
could use to ease the porting. SynEdit does support autocompletion with some 
third-party addons

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