[Mono-list] Re: MySQL Connection from .NET Website (David P. Donahue)

David P. Donahue ddonahue@ccs.neu.edu
Thu, 03 Feb 2005 13:08:12 -0500


Steps taken:
Create new VS class library project.
Remove default .cs file.
Add all code from SharpZipLib source.
Rebuild release.
Copy resulting .dll to ByteFX bin.
Add reference in ByteFX project.
Rebuild release.
Copy resulting .dll (copied the SharpZipLib one too, just for good 
measure) to my project's bin.
Add reference to ByteFX's .dll in my project.
Rebuild release.
Upload to Apache server.
Restart Apache.
Browse to page.
Witness success.
Go get a soda.

Thanks for your help, man.  Now I can finally get to the fun stuff 
(making the websites).

David P. Donahue