[Mono-list] Re: MySQL Connection from .NET Website (David P. Donahue)

David P. Donahue ddonahue@ccs.neu.edu
Thu, 03 Feb 2005 11:52:45 -0500

Joe Audette wrote:
> I have all my data access code in a separate class library project and I 
> have to compile it on the linux machine to get it to work for the same 
> reason.

Certainly not the worst idea.  I may have to end up doing that myself. 
I guess I'd just prefer to keep everything in my VS environment for ease 
of development.

> On the windows machine I have the ByteFx source code compiled with 
> Rebuild, but it references sharpziplib which is an already compiled dll 
> that is probably not done with Rebuild.

Trying this path at the moment.  I found the ByteFX source (for 0.71, I 
couldn't find the source for anything later) and opened it in VS to 
compile.  Of course, it needs SharpZipLib.  So I downloaded the source 
for that, but it didn't seem like a "VS" project.  I was able to open 
the individual code files, but no main project.  My guess it that it was 
written/compiled using *their* IDE (available from the same wite where I 
found the source).

Two things I can try when I get the time (hopefully tonight):
1)  Open the SharpZipLib source in their IDE and see if it distinguishes 
between "Build" and "Rebuild."
2)  Scour the ByteFX code for references to SharpZipLib, add .cs files 
as necessary so that it's all a single project (and cross my fingers, I 

I'll let you know how either one turns out.

David P. Donahue