[Mono-list] Using glade[sharp] in a mono project

Raitskin Alexandr alexrait1 at mail.ru
Fri Dec 16 12:14:55 EST 2005

Usually when we build a new form using winforms, we would subclass a 
general form and add it some new features and initializations.
In Glade on the contrary we have some "hardcoded" group of Gtk classes 
an we cannot modify them for our purposes...(written in c). That way 
suppse we want to build a special TreeView that will attach a popup menu 
to each of it's nodes - and we just can't do it, without creating a new 
instance of a class that inherits TreeView and copying the Glade given 
values(size, color...) into it.
And all that not to mention that it uses the time consuming refelction 
when creating the widgets.
Of course we can build everything manually without glade but that's insane.

In the bottom line, what I want to say that I hope there is (or will be) 
a better solution than that, unless I am missing something, and there is 
a way to overcome that issue already.

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