[Mono-list] APM : The first release today !

Salvatore Scarciglia s.scarciglia at hyperphar.com
Fri Dec 16 09:10:24 EST 2005

Hi all,
i've just developed my web site to publish my first mono application. I've
developed it for two reason:

1. learn about c#,mono and monodevelop (main reason!)
2. until yesterday I used to store my password in a text file

The name of my application is : Anaconda Password Manager (APM).
In the site You will find an installer (created by BitoROck InstallBuilder
with a Free License obtained directly from BitRock support, see my previous
posts) that can be downloaded and used to install APM on your machine.
The versione is 0.1 but i think it's not so unstable.
Please try it and send me any kind of suggestions, bugs, problemas, etc.
The link:


As soon as possible you will find the complete source code of the application
(I'm still translating my comments from italian to english...); I'm working
also on the website !!!


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