[Mono-list] Re: mod_mono + Windows

Angel Marin anmar at gmx.net
Wed Dec 14 14:34:23 EST 2005

Oleg Deribas escribió:
> Angel Marin wrote:
>>> MonoApplications default "/test:c:\Archiv~1\Mono-1~1.1\lib\xsp\test"
>> When MonoApplications is used, ':' can't be part of the path used. So 
> Thank you. I've just got mod_mono to work also!
> Could you please put this advice on the mod_mono-win32 page. Possibly it 
> will save couple of hours for someone like me ;)

Done. I mistakenly thought it was obvious as ':' is part of the syntax 
of MonoApplications option :)

Angel Marin

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