[Mono-list] re: Portal code / CMS recs for ASP.NET(DotNetNuke/Rainbow/mojoPortal)

John Kleven johnkleven at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 12 17:23:45 EST 2005

Thanks for the responses.

I agree with Jacek that (unfortunately) the VB -> C#
conversion tools are not capable of converting a
project like DNN.  The DNN team has tried, here's a
posting from them about how it went:

Long story short the DNN team wanted a conversion tool
that would work for 95% or more of the code, and none
of the 5 conversion tools the tried could approach

So DNN is definately out of the equation for a
linux/mono framework.

Rainbow.  So after looking at it more, here is "the
latest" (no date on this page) about how to get it
working in Mono. 

Seems hacky at best, and i can't find anybody who is
actually doing it.  Which kinda makes Rainbow a bit
sketchy for a commercial venture on mono.

So that leaves mojoPortal and Cuyahoga (thanks Tom for
pointing that one out).  The only thing i don't like
about these is that compared to DNN and Rainbow, they
don't offer nearly as many features, the forums are
not very active -- in short, they are very young
projects.  From what i can see, they both came out
around mid 2004.  I know that beggers can't be
choosers, but it would be nice to run an time tested
portal on mono.

So i was trying to determine which of mojo or cuyahoga
would be better, and to be honest they both seem at a
very similar level of maturity.  So dunno what to do
there ....

Anyways, still interested if there are any other
frameworks out there, or if anybody has had any
success with Rainbow on mono.

Thanks again for the responses

--- Jacek Blaszczynski <jacek.blaszczynski at aster.pl>

>  Firstly please do not tell to anyone that code
> convereters can do the job
> of converting VB to C# code. The accuracy of current
> projects is so low that
> I have dropped using them even for very simple
> libraries (just for
> information -> one of my projects is MS Visual C++
> LLk parser implemented
> using C# / antlr with some C++ grammar extension
> plans for future) .
> Furthermore even authors of DNN claim that tests of
> several VB -> C# code
> converters failed to reach accuracy which would
> justify further work on C#
> DNN version. However, since DNN has more than
> 200,000 registered users and
> is an OSS project, some effort in getting it
> converted to C# and later
> supported on Mono would be of great benefit to Mono
> project. Just my 3
> cents.
> Cheers
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> Firstly there is a code converter available so you
> can convert vb to C# The
> online version is at
> but there may be a project converter somewhere
> and as for a cms for mono etc
> http://www.cuyahoga-project.org/
> seems to cover your requirements..
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