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Jacek Blaszczynski jacek.blaszczynski at aster.pl
Mon Dec 12 10:25:36 EST 2005

 Firstly please do not tell to anyone that code convereters can do the job
of converting VB to C# code. The accuracy of current projects is so low that
I have dropped using them even for very simple libraries (just for
information -> one of my projects is MS Visual C++ LLk parser implemented
using C# / antlr with some C++ grammar extension plans for future) .
Furthermore even authors of DNN claim that tests of several VB -> C# code
converters failed to reach accuracy which would justify further work on C#
DNN version. However, since DNN has more than 200,000 registered users and
is an OSS project, some effort in getting it converted to C# and later
supported on Mono would be of great benefit to Mono project. Just my 3


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Firstly there is a code converter available so you can convert vb to C# The
online version is at
but there may be a project converter somewhere

and as for a cms for mono etc
seems to cover your requirements..

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