[Mono-list] Portal code / CMS recs for ASP.NET (DotNetNuke/Rainbow/mojoPortal)

Tom Opgenorth tom at opgenorth.net
Fri Dec 9 23:46:43 EST 2005

I can give you my 2 cents:

A nice portal, if you're sticking to Windows/SQL Server.  I don't
believe that there are any data providers for MySQL/Postgresql.

> Rainbow
Haven't used it.  Looked at it briefly, got the impression that it is
more a Windows CMS, than a cross platform/Mono CMS.  I do recall
reading somewhere that will compile and run under mono.

> mojoPortal
Designed to run on Windows or mono.  Fairly active development, code
is pretty easy to follow.  I do believe that the fellow who started
mojoPortal did work on Rainbow at one time.

IMHO, I'd go with mojoPortal if you want to run on Mono/Apache/Linux.

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