[Mono-list] Portal code / CMS recs for ASP.NET (DotNetNuke/Rainbow/mojoPortal)

John Kleven johnkleven at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 9 19:02:34 EST 2005


Hoping to get some info on what the recommended
CMS/portal application framework is for ASP.NET
running on apache/mono/linux.  Are there any
suggestions for what is best, what others are using,
blah blah blah?  Here's what i know about the 3 I
listed in the subject (DotNetNuke(DNN), Rainbow,
mojoPortal).  Maybe i'm missing other frameworks too
-- fill me in if so.

Has anybody even gotten DotNetNuke (DNN) running on
Linux/mono yet?  Last i read you couldn't compile it
on Linux because the VB.NET compiler was still not
complete enough to do it.  Maybe somebody has compiled
it on windows and then ran it on Linux?  This portal
seems to be the most active, tested, so on and so
forth.  However its VB which (for me only) makes it a
bit less desirable than a C# app.

Looks good.  Anybody using it with Mono?  More
importantly, anybody using it for a commercial venture
on mono??  Actually, for me, it looks like a clear cut
winner because its C# also.

More like a hobby but i guess thats how many OSS
projects start.

Anyways, feedback (good, bad, ugly) appreciated.

Thanks all -

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