[Mono-list] problem running monodevelop 1.1.10

matt.raffel at mindspring.com matt.raffel at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 7 21:01:03 EST 2005

So I downloaded the mono 1.1.10 installer, ran it.  I tried this both as root and as myself.    It seems to install ok.  Go through the screens, no error messages during the install.   

If double click the MonoDevelop.desktop it never starts.   or if I run monodevelop from the commandline in the bin dir I get the following error:

System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for Gnome.ModuleInfo ---> System.DllNotFoundException: gnomesharpglue-2
in (wrapper managed-to-native) Gnome.ModuleInfo:gnomesharp_gnome_moduleinfo_get_name_offset ()
in <0x00008> Gnome.ModuleInfo:.cctor ()--- End of inner exception stack trace ---

in <0x00000> <unknown method>
in <0x00025> Gnome.Modules:get_UI ()
in <0x00440> MonoDevelop.Ide.Gui.IdeStartup:Run (System.String[] args)
in <0x00169> MonoDevelop.Core.AddIns.AddInService:StartApplication (System.String addinId, System.String[] parameters)

So it looks like some configuration information isnt setup.   But I dont know what.   Can someone help me get configured?

Im running Mandriva and KDE if that makes a diff...


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