[Mono-list] Mono 1.0.2, Gtk# 1.0.2 and Mono 1.1.1 released.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@novell.com
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 01:46:01 -0400

Two new Mono releases have been done:

Download from:


Packaging wise, there are some good news: mod_mono packages for those
of you who wanted a simpler, gentler installation.

* Stable: Mono 1.0.2

	This is a service update to the Mono 1.0.xx series and only
	contains bug fixes over the last Mono 1.0.1 release.

	Release Notes:


	This release is inteded for folks using Mono for
	production systems.

	The 1.0.2 release also includes new versions of 
	Gtk#, the Mono Documentation and improved versions of
	XSP and mod_mono for those using ASP.NET.

* Development: 	Mono 1.1.1

	This is the first release of the development branch of Mono
	and includes many new features, ports to new platforms, a
	64-bit VM for 64-bit systems and performance has increased

	Release Notes:


	Only the Runtime, class libraries and the supporting
	libgdiplus are new.  Every other package can be used
	from the 1.0.2 branch (Gtk#, monodoc, xsp, mod_mono).