[Mono-list] Non-Microsoft .Net

Michael J. Ryan tracker1@theroughnecks.com
Sun, 12 Sep 2004 13:18:43 -0700

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
>>anyone still here? quiet lately..
>>setting up an FC2 box tonight, and tomorrow to play with the 1.01, been
>>a while... going to do a presentation for the dot-net usergroup in my
>>area in january, for "Non-Microsoft .Net" .. focussing on alternatives
>>to MS based services, would love to get suggestions and feedback.
> I did such a presentation not too long ago...
> ftp://www.kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/mono.pdf

Nice.. good information, the first half I think you are doing the opposite
that I am, but the second half is pretty much what I had in mind with
references and examples..  I'm doing this in front of people already in
.net, mostly vs.net and ms-sql .. looking towards vs + sql2005 etc...

much harder sell on embracing OSS.. but hoping to do some testing on
porting glade# project in .net build, then deploy in linux... if that
works, will be a large part of the hurdles... :)  started this msg
last night, and played with monodevelop a bit this morning, it's pretty
cool.. need to find some tutorials on glade though.. not really familiar
with it.. that and making it work with mono...  will say it is pretty
damned cool just the same though.. :)

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