[Mono-list] Some questions about using mono to make non-gui programs on UNIX

Sijmen Mulder Sijmen Mulder <sjmulder@gmail.com>
Wed, 8 Sep 2004 22:05:25 +0200

> 3. cario is still an unstable lib, why libgdiplus use it as a base? why n=
> use gtk instead, But there is a gtk#. And cario is hard to install, lots =
> depends. So does this means that, as a default, no programs run on window=
> without problem using System.Drawing can run under mono?

The Mono people are working hard to add support. As I understood it,
gtk/gtk# does not support enough to implement the whole System.Drawing

> Some Ideas:
> c# is not only a c#, it must be with the .net framework.
> I do not mind that mono add some libraries, but it should not remove
> libraries.
> I think the goal of mono is to import the .net to non-windows world, and
> the programs on it.=20

The goal of Mono is just what you say: to bring an open source version
of the .NET Framework =E1nd C# to other platforms. Maybe you think so,
but the Mono project does not intend to remove libraries, and is
working hard to implement them.

> But if I am wrong, if the developer just think mono "c#
> on mono", not "c# on OS" like java, let me back to c++ with no attention =
> mono. And forget the words above.

Maybe you should stop threatening (useless, by the way - only
annoying) and start helping if you want those libraries so badly. The
Mono developpers are doing a very good job, and there is no reason for


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